Values - I Piaceri Semplici - Pockeat



Eat to take care of yourself, eat to love yourself. Great attention to the selection of suppliers and raw materials.


Allow people to save time to dedicate it to their passions, family, work, sport, life.


We do not accept compromises, people's satisfaction is the only way to go. But to achieve it we always respect the rules and the world in which we live.


The relationship with our customers continues after the purchase and away from home in other forms, from the constant dialogue through the site to the organization of events of a cultural-ludic nature.


Understood as a food culture and, in a broader sense, of the project. We never leave anything to chance and work every day to improve the customer experience with the brand.


Certainty on the origin of the raw materials, on their processing and on the final packaging guaranteed in respect of the regulations.


We study with curiosity and to constantly experiment to improve ourselves day after day.


Take care of the people who trust us and find a solution for them.


As our food tradition ("eat well") with ingenuity, inventiveness and craftsmanship excellence.


An offer that tries to be sensitive and open to all cultures with international products and a versatile kitchen suitable for all needs.


Offer people tasty and healty food at a fair cost based on specific nutritional needs and preserving the convenience of consumption



Allow people of alla ages to take care of themselves thtough healty food, savinf time to spend on life

Values - I Piaceri Semplici - Pockeat