The offer includes - I Piaceri Semplici - Pockeat

The offer includes

We want to satisfy the food requirements of all people and we have built the menu in a multi-faceted way thinking the needs of everyone.

This will has been concretized through a list that includes five distinct food categories: Pasta, Vegetarian, Fish, Meat, Single plate.

Each category contains dishes with different characteristics: some are vegan or high-protein, others suitable for children, and others for younger customers.

We have high attention to the gluten free, offering different and appetizing alternatives to celiac clients. We use exclusively organic extra virgin olive oil and the vegetable broth it made by ourselves in a classic way with fresh vegetables.

Never exceed with salt, we prefer dried fruit and healthy seeds (seeds of sunflower, pumpkin, flax, chia, sesame, hemp). We love genuine cuisine: preservatives and food additives are not and will never be present in our products.

For all products

  • zero
  • zero
    food additives
  • vegetariano e vegano vegetarian and vegan
  • senza glutine gluten free
  • bilanciamento nutrizionale balancing nutritional
The offer includes - I Piaceri Semplici - Pockeat